199 yuan ($30) Xiaomi has a 90-minute all-weather city backpack

In June last year, Xiaomi Crowdfunded a 90-point all-weather city backpack with three features: functional aesthetics, stereoscopic burden, and reflective material. The price was 199 yuan.

Recently, this backpack has been put in Xiaomi products , keeping the price of 199 yuan ($30) unchanged.

The 90-minute all-weather functional city backpack has a clean appearance and adopts an origami structure. It is usable for daily commuting, holiday travel, and outdoor occasions.

The surface of the bag is made of matt coated fabric, and the bottom of the fabric is spliced ​​with a wear-resistant fabric. The zipper is laser-sealed seamlessly, which is more beautiful than the needle seam.

The backpack fits the back, the backboard is skinny , and the long-term center of gravity moves upwards to reduce the weight. In addition, detachable chest straps and belts are provided to share the weight. The shoulder straps are especially reflective, ensuring night-time safety.

The inside depository layout is a major highlight, providing the front warehouse, main warehouse, document warehouse, and computer compartments that can be independently opened on the sides, with clear separation and more humanity. For example, the front compartment charging accessory pocket may hold a charging treasure, and the side pockets provide a pass port for the charging line to facilitate the simultaneous charging during the traveling.

Michael Ting

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