360 Security Fingerprint Lock is Official at 2999 yuan ($453) – Unlocks in 0.5 Seconds

Last July, 360 security fingerprint lock S1 was released, priced at 2999 yuan ($453), with the largest fingerprint area on the market (15x15mm), support for storage of 100 fingerprints, 0.5 seconds unlocked. Today, this locks in the official Lynx on sale.

360 safety door locks Mirror plates, liners and handles are all made of 304 stainless steel forged. Compared with the zinc alloy used on the market for 90% of the door locks, they are solid and beautiful, and they are anti-explosive and anti-theft.

Mechanical gear drive equipped with electronic lock body technology, push-pull open the door, effortless and comfortable. Built-in electronic clutch device will automatically lock after entering the door.

Its use of fingerprint, password, security chip key three unlocking methods:

In terms of fingerprints, the mobile phone’s capacitive fingerprint head has the largest fingerprint area (15x15mm) on the market and a resolution of 192×192. It supports bio-electrostatic recognition and effectively eliminates fingerprints such as silicone fingerprint films. Support storage of 100 fingerprints, 0.5 seconds unlock.

In terms of passwords, on the basis of the 6-8-digit passwords, a virtual-bit password is set, and any numbers can be entered before and after the correct password to prevent voyeurism. A duress password was also designed. If the criminals threaten to open the door, the “360 Smart Butler” APP will immediately send alarm information to emergency contacts.

In terms of security chip keys, the “double-row gear + smart chip” key is used. Each key has a unique smart chip. The internal use of strong encryption algorithm, the key not authorized by the owner can not only open the door, but also alarm. After the key is deleted by the door lock or the APP, it cannot be unlocked by others.

The door lock is powered by eight AA batteries and can support 8-12 months of open and close door. The power level below 15% will remind. After the battery is exhausted, it can be temporarily charged into the door through the emergency battery compartment or the door lock USB port.

Michael Ting

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