Baidu 249 Yuan ($36) Compract Smart Speaker Shortly Available for just 89 Yuan ($13)

In June of this year, Baidu released a small intelligent speaker that Cai Kangyong endorsed. It can not only chat with you to relieve boredom, but also voice control air conditioners, TVs and other home appliances.

On the day of the release, the official website price of the original price of 256 yuan ($37) was sold out after the introduction of the 89 yuan ($13) early adopter price, and the price was adjusted to 169 yuan.

Now, Baidu is about to launch the “Small 8.8 Shopping Festival – AI Adoption Season” event. During the event from August 1st to 11th, the original 256 yuan ($37) small smart speaker not only recovered to the early adopter price of 89 yuan ($13), but also August. On the 1st, August 8th, August 11th, the limited time 1% spike: a small smart speaker spike price of 8.9 yuan, a small price at home 59.9 yuan ($8) !

The small smart speaker is equipped with the latest version of the dialogue AI operating system DuerOS. Compared with the traditional speaker, the small smart speaker is smart and intelligent. It also creates the children’s mode and the geek mode . Adults, children and the elderly can be handy. use!

The small intelligent speaker can meet the needs of users to check the weather, listen to the audio, set the alarm clock and so on. It also supports scene customization. For the morning and evening scenes, it will pack fresh information, weather, dressing guide, transportation, stock market information and other greetings at specific time according to the usage habits.

As long as the voice search singer name, song name, lyrics, you can play music, small intelligent speakers also introduce 有FM, koala FM, lazy listen to books and other audio content platform resources, with more than 20 million high-quality audio programs, You can also listen directly to more than 1000 provincial and municipal radio stations.

The small smart speaker can also control the common home appliances in the home, such as TV, lights, air conditioners, air purifiers, water heaters, curtains, etc.

Michael Ting

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