How to get the Cheapest Aerial Video?

Today I woke up with an insatiable hunger for aerial videos, but not just watching them, that would have been to easy, instead I thought: “how cheap can I go without sacrificing too much on quality (I’m kind of a video nerd myself)?”
So I went looking for a good cheap quadcopter which can be used in conjunction with my action cam, after some hours of search and asking on social medias, the only answer seems to be:
Syma X8C“.

Can you guess what this is? Yep, a Syma X8C.

Well, that was easy right?

Let’s not celebrate too early, though.

The Syma X8X is a great quadcopter for the price, yes, but how’s the video going to look? Without any kind of stabilization, what can we expect? Are you ready to throw away $80 just for a mediocre/bad result?

This is a gimbal - $229
A gimbal – $229 – too expensive?


This is where I come in, thanks to a partnership with a well known online retailer: xxxxxxx (stil undisclosed), I’m going show you how you can get good enough results without spending a fortune, this supposing that everything works as planned, obviously.

I will show you which accessories to buy and how to mount them from A to Z, I’ve yet to decide if through images or videos, you guys can help me decide.

All of this spending less than $100 (not including the action cam).  Seems like a fair price, doesn’t it?

The only requirements for this to work are:

  1.  Action cam with 1/4″ screw mount. 

Yep, that’s all.


One example of action cam with 1/4″ screw mount, which is also what I’m going to use:

Cheapest Aerial Video
Xiaomi Yi – Bottom view


Just a heads up, I’ve never flown a quadcopter before, so videos of me crashing might be on the way, also I can’t guarantee it’ll look great as it may depend on so many different factors, camera quality, quadcopter stability, alignment of planets and so on.. But 1 thing is sure, I’ll try my best to make it work as I’ll be the first person to enjoy using it.

That’s all folks! If you are interested in this project please follow me on Twitter @pierscorpio or come back here to check and ask.

Let me know what you think and feel free to share this post anywhere, it’ll be much appreciated.

Have a good one!




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