Chuwi Vi10 Plus Review: The Cheapest Microsoft Surface 3 Alternative?

Chuwi’s Vi10 Plus is the updated version of the older Vi10 that came out more than a year ago. But name aside, it really has few things in common.

The CPU has been upgraded to a more powerful Intel X8300 instead of the now obsolete Z3736F. Meanwhile the screen has got a tiny bit bigger, from the original 10.1″ to 10.8-inch, but that’s more important is the new display has a 3:2 screen ratio, just like the Microsoft Surface 3.

With this in mind, let’s get to the actual review!

Chuwi’s Vi10 Plus: Unboxing & Packing

Chuwi Vi10 Plus Review

Inside the box we find the tablet, USB charger with EU plug and 5V/3A output, USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable and the foldable keyboard.


Chuwi’s Vi10 Plus: Design & Build Quality

Chuwi Vi10 Plus Review

Chuwi Vi10 Plus’s design is simple and elegant, it’s encased in an aluminum body with a very redefined look, all the metal also makes the Vi10 Plus relatively heavy.

On the top left corner of the tablet we find all the physical buttons present on the tablet: ON/OFF and volume rocker. Other than that, there’s a touch home button with the Windows logo, either on the right or the bottom of the tablet, depending on how you hold it, of course. On the left side we also find all the ports: USB Type-C, micro USB, micro HDMI, 3.5 audio jack and a microSD reader.

Chuwi’s Vi10 Plus: Display

Chuwi Vi10 Plus Review

Stunning! No, I’m not overselling it! Considering how much this tablet costs, this 1920 x 1080px IPS panel is just outstanding. And it’s also bright with about 425 lux, which makes it optimal to use it outside, where being honest is when these tablet/laptop convertibles really shine.

Chuwi’s Vi10 Plus: Audio

Chuwi Vi10 Plus Review

It’s alright, there’s a lot of space for improvement there, but at least speakers aren’t utter crap.

Chuwi’s Vi10 Plus: Battery Life

Chuwi Vi10 Plus Review

The Chuwi Vi10 Plus packs a 8400mAh capacity battery, well over 622mAh more compared to the Surface 3. That said, battery life isn’t as good as it could be, you can get up to 7 hours of screen on time if you are really conservative. These numbers are if you are running Android, with Windows 10 you’ll get less.

Chuwi’s Vi10 Plus: Keyboard

Chuwi Vi10 Plus Review

The docking keyboard must be purchased separately and it’s good enough for the average user. I have to admit it’s quite solid and doesn’t bend a lot when you type, also the magnets that connect it to the tablet are pretty strong, so you don’t risk dropping it.

Chuwi’s Vi10 Plus: Software & Perfomance

Chuwi Vi10 Plus Review

My Chuwi Vi10 Plus originally came with Remix OS, which is an operative system based on Android that resembles the Microsoft Windows environment. Making it good to be used as a tablet as well as in “laptop mode” when connected to the keyboard.

Personally, I managed to install Windows 10 on it and except the initial problem with finding and installing drivers, it ran flawlessly since then.

On the performance side, it’s snappy and apps open quickly, some times it would get stuck for some reason though. 2GB of RAM appear to be sufficient on Remix OS but after I moved to Windows 10, everything is slower. So I’m not sure I’d recommend the switch.

Chuwi’s Vi10 Plus: Gallery

Chuwi’s Vi10 Plus: Conclusion

Chuwi Vi10 Plus Review

At about $150 the Chuwi Vi10 Plus is an amazing tablet price-to-perfomance ratio wise. The build quality and display are top notch, battery life is ok, the only negative side is probably the software. Chuwi should better implement Remix OS if they want to make it a real best buy.

All in all, I definitely suggest buying this tablet, it won’t be as powerful or software supported as a Microsoft Surface 3, but then it costs about 4 times less!

You can get the Chuwi Vi10 Plus for just $135.99 over here.

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