Feilun FX122 – First impressions / Quick review

The Feilun FX122 is a relatively cheap quadcopter ($59.46 at Gearbest with coupon code RC18OFF) advertised as brushless. Does that sound too good? Well, maybe it’s not that brushless..

Feilun FX122

The packaging is pretty ordinary and it comes with 8 propellers, 2 legs, 4 foam feet, a support for the legs, propeller caps, screws, screwdriver, wall battery charger and a battery, of course.

This is the biggest/ heaviest quadcopter I got my hands on, it weights 502 grams without battery and 640g with it on. It feels very solid and probably dangerous if it gets too close. The weird propeller upside-down design is also something new for a neo RC lover such as myself.

Feilun FX122

Propellers are huge at 23cm of lenght, the ones on the MJX X600 are 13cm, for reference.

The transmitter is probably the worse part, it looks ugly, made with cheap plastic, the battery compartment is a joke, it has fake buttons and they didn’t even manage to put a display on it. Not that I really need one, but if it’s available on $20 quadcopters I don’t see why they couldn’t add one on this as well. Another “stupid” complain: the beeps it makes are annoying, the sound is too high tone as if the speaker were broken.

Feilun FX122

I still haven’t flown the Feilun FX122 outside but appears to be good flier, it’s steady and powerful, I also mounted my Xiaomi Yi camera and it handled it without problems. That’s the reason I got this quadcopter so I can say I’m pretty satisfied. I’ll let you know more when I fly it outside, but if you read how heavy it is, I’d be surprised if it had stability problems.

Stay tuned for the full in-depth review and test flight with the Xiaomi Yi camera, if you have any question please comment below.

The Feilun FX122 is available on Gearbest for $59.46 using the coupon RC18OFF.


The 18% OFF coupon code also works on all the products in RC: http://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters-c_11333/

Feilun FX122




Build Quality


Ease of use


Features and Performance





  • Build Quality
  • Good looking
  • Powerful


  • Wonky Transmitter


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