Free Parasol Umbrella for Your Drone Coming Soon

Does anyone think that holding a bag and an umbrella at the same time is too much work?

Asahi Electric Power Services Co., Ltd. invented Free Parasol, which is simply an umbrella for drones. The body used in the prototype was the Greater Mavic Pro and was then tied with an umbrella.

To use it, the unmanned umbrella machine automatically follows the owner (AI technology identifies and tracks the head) and the battery life is 1 hour.

Free Parasol Drone Umbrella

Sora News 24 stated that Asahi Electric Power Services planned to bring Free Parasol to the market in 2019, priced at 30,000 yen, or approximately 1,764 yuan.

In addition, the Free Parasol official website has also designed a traditional style with an umbrella handle. The drone is placed on the umbrella cover, similar to the principle of a helicopter propeller. However, Asahi Electric said that the current challenge is to make the UAV completely waterproof.


Michael Ting

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