Honor 30 Pro Review: The Best Honor Ever Made

Honor 30 Pro Review: The Best Honor Ever Made

Half of 2020 is about to pass, and the domestic brands ’5G flagship phones are almost complete. Honor has recently made continuous moves. From the Honor 30S to the Honor 30 Pro / 30 Pro + / 30 Pro +, we have launched 4 5G mobile phones Among them, Honor 30 Pro and Honor 30 Pro + are the flagships of the flagship, priced from 3999 to 5499 yuan.

According to the official war report released by Honor, the first sales of the Honor 30 series took only one minute to achieve a breakthrough of more than 300 million yuan in online sales on all platforms. Such a good performance depends not only on the word of mouth accumulated from generation to generation, but also on the hard power that our products rely on.

What kind of 5G mobile phone is the flagship mobile phone? Many consumers and even mobile phone brands like to use price to define, thinking that high price = high-end or even flagship. In our opinion, high-end “should be a combination of technology, quality, design and the company’s transmitted culture and value. Simply stacking or stacking devices together and raising the price, there is no way to create a high-end s brand.”

Honor 30 Pro

Technology + quality + design + brand is a must-compare with such a standard, how does the Honor 30 Pro, the flagship of the big cup, do? Compared with last year’s Honor 20 series magical beauty design style, this year’s Honor 30 series mobile phone design style has changed greatly. This time the Honor 30 Pro / uses a customized OLED screen, a 70 ° super curved waterfall screen on the front and a 3D on the back The curved glass mirrors each other, and the front and the back are beautiful.

In addition, the color matching process of the Honor 30 Pro phone is also completely different. In addition to the three colors of streamer illusion, magic night black, and Wizard of Oz, there are two futuristic color combinations of neon purple and titanium empty silver. AG frosting process, the metallic light sense shows the atmosphere, the beauty is beyond words.

In terms of technological content, the Honor 30 Pro is also a standout, using a lot of self-developed core technology. The processor is the Kirin 990 5G SoC. From last year to the present, it is the only 5G chip with a 7nm EUV process. It also uses self-developed. Core technologies such as NPU unit and ISP graphics processing unit. A large number of self-developed technologies make it very different from other brands of 5G mobile phones, and have not fallen into the trap of homogeneous competition.

Through our actual experience and photo proofs, we can see that the route taken by Honor is different from other manufacturers. The Honor 30 Pro phone is particularly obvious. At the same time, it has four aspects: super large bottom + super large pixels + super photosensitive ability + super telephoto Made a breakthrough.

Honor 30 Pro

The Honor 30 Pro is equipped with a unique RYYB super-sensing outsole sensor, the light intake is 40% higher than other sensors, and it is only a big cup flagship. Previously, we have reviewed the Honor 30 Pro + IMX700 main camera used by many advanced technologies that cover many advanced technologies. The sensor not only has 50 million pixels, but also 1 / 1.28 size. It is currently the largest bottom sensor in mobile phones. It can also synthesize 2.44um large pixels, which is 132.6% larger than the 1.6um pixels synthesized by conventional 0.8um pixels .

In addition, the Honor 30 Pro is fully equipped with a 50x periscope telephoto lens, supports 5X optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, 50x digital zoom, and supports dual-structure OIS optical image stabilization, which was introduced for the first time. With the AIS telephoto super anti-shake algorithm, the stability of the picture is increased by 300%, and it is not afraid of shaking when shooting birds at a long distance. The vision is 50 times stable.

For 5G mobile phones, battery life is also a big problem. 5G networks, games, and photography are all electric tigers. The Honor 30 Pro offers a 40W super fast charge and a large 4000mAh battery. It can charge more than 70% of electricity in 30 minutes, and it can be resurrected in 1 hour.

In the 5G market in 2020, building high-end and flagship mobile phones is not only a matter of stacking, so that people have no self and strong people, so as to be recognized by the market and consumers. The Honor 30 Pro, as the “big flagship” of the Honor 30 series, has no compromises. It is the condensation of the “Super Big” 30 Pro + after removing the advanced exploratory features, and it is also the most ideal annual flagship choice at the same price.