Huawei Talkband B5 Launched at 999 yuan ($148)

At the Nova 3 unveil conference, Huawei also launched a smart wearable device, the Huawei Talkband B5.

It uses a 1.13-inch AMOLED touch color screen with a resolution of 300×160. According to the official introduction, the display area of ​​Huawei B5 has reached 2.4 times of the previous generation, and WeChat, QQ, schedule, and SMS are all at a glance.

Moreover, Huawei B5 can intelligently identify the caller’s number, and it can be automatically recognized whether it is an important call or a harassing call.

In terms of sports health, Huawei B5 can accurately assess the stress status of users. According to the official introduction, Huawei and the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have undergone a large number of scientific experiments to analyze the stress state through heart rate variability measurement data to accurately assess the user’s stress status.

In addition, Huawei B5 uses the industry-leading cardiopulmonary coupled dynamics spectrum analysis technology principle, through the authority of the CDB Center of Harvard Medical School, can monitor the complete sleep structure including sleep.

It accurately identifies six major types of sleep problems, providing 200+ recommendations for improvement and personalized sleep services to improve sleep quality.

It is worth mentioning that the Huawei B5 also supports step counting, calorie calculation, distance measurement, and helps the wearer to develop a running plan. The heart rate-based Firstbeat algorithm provides exercise performance assessment, recovery time recommendations, and training performance scoring. At the same time, it is connected to the mobile phone GPS, and can draw running tracks and the like.

In terms of price, the sports version is priced at 999 yuan ($148) , and the commercial version is priced at 1199 yuan ($178) . It was officially released at 10:08 on July 19.




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