Special Edition Inter Milan Xiaomi Stone Sweeping Robot Launched at 2999 Yuan ($451)

On July 6, Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise Stone Technology announced that it has reached a cooperation with Inter Milan Club and became a partner of Inter Milan China . The two sides carried out a series of cooperation on sports marketing, fan promotion, product customization, etc., and jointly launched the Inter Milan custom version of the stone sweeping robot.

The stone sweeping robot is the second product launched by Shiji Technology following the Xiaomi Mijia sweeping robot. It is an upgraded iterative product of Mijia sweeping robot.

It is reported that the Inter Milan customized version is based on the stone sweeping robot, which does not discount the function parameters. At the same time, it has the appearance of “Blue Black Warrior” and built-in exclusive star custom voice package.

Inter-customized version of the stone sweeping robot continues the best solution for the laser planning of the Mijia sweeping robot. It is equipped with a self-developed high-precision LDS laser ranging sensor that can scan the room at 5×360°/sec through the original SLAM. Algorithm to build room maps accurately and in real time and plan cleaning routes. With the large suction system of 2000Pa, the cleaning efficiency and cleanliness are clearly visible.

At the same time, Inter Milan custom version of the stone sweeping robot has a sweeping and dragging function, using a new plant bionics wet drag system, the water is evenly distributed when sweeping, that is, dragging and drying , can continue to wet for 45-60 minutes. The drawer-designed water tank is quicker and more convenient to disassemble, and can also be set to pure mopping mode on the mobile APP.

In addition, Inter Milan custom version of the stone sweeping robot also supports the area cleaning and pointing where to clean the function, as long as the circle on the mobile APP, draw a stroke, like playing a game, you can complete the cleaning task efficiently.

Inter Milan’s custom-made stone sweeping robot is priced at 2,999 yuan ($451) and it will on sale exclusively on Suning Tesco (online and offline).

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