Is the Apple iPhone X Innovative? – Our Thoughts

As everybody who doesn’t live in a cave is aware, Apple just launched the new iPhone X – some sort of special edition iPhone to celebrate ten years from its first appearance.

Thousands, if not millions, of Apple fanboys and whatnot are already drooling after the device, because you know – it’s innovative!

So, let’s try to see the new iPhone with a fair perspective, how’s it compared to other devices already on the market such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or the LG V30?

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs LG V30

The best feature of the iPhone X is definitely its all-screen design. All-screen is the best definition it can get as the smartphone is nowhere near bezel-less. It does have a screen that covers pretty much the entirety of the front, exception made for the camera and sensors placed at the top. Beside that, it’s surrounded by pretty thick bezels.

With that out of the way, how does it compare to the Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30 as far as screen-to-body ratios are concerned? Well, not that good. IPhone X’s ratio is indeed “just” 82.35 % against the 82.98 % on the Note 8 and 81.21 % from the LG V30.

So, technically, the iPhone X is less “all-screen” than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. What do we get in return? The removal of an home button and subsequently Touch ID. But they, you can enjoy slightly more screen than an LG V30 in exchange of a fingerprint scanner. What a great deal, uh? This must be the most innovative move Apple has ever done after removing the headphone jack last year.

iPhone X

Let’s give it to Apple though, the processing power on the iPhone X is quite insane due to the new Apple A11 Bionic hexacore CPU. The powerful CPU also allows the smartphone to record 4K videos at 60fps, that’s really impressing.

In conclusion – if you’re getting an iPhone X do it for the raw power, iOS and 4K video recording capabilities; do not call it innovative as there is nothing actually innovative about it. If you don’t agree with us you’re probably biased and you shouldn’t have wasted time reading this in the first place!

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