JDTOYS JD-18 Selfie Drone – Review

The JDTOYS JD-18 is a pocket-friendly selfie drone with a very sleek design. The JD-18 main selling point is – as we just mentioned – its compact size also due to the fact that you can completely fold its arm, similar to what we have on much more expensive DJI drones. Now that we know a bit more about the drone, let’s get into the full review!


JDTOYS JD-18 Selfie Drone

The JDTOYS JD-18 comes in a black box with the battery already plugged in. Other than that we find some spare props, the USB charging cable and a tiny wrench to help with disassembly, if needed.

Design and Build Quality

JDTOYS JD-18 Selfie Drone

The design of the JD-18 drone is quite good considering how much it costs, it manages to be super tiny while still packing an on-board camera and the needed WiFi module for FPV flying. It’s compact size allows me to carry it pretty much anywhere without worries, you can even carry it in your pocket if you really wanted to, although I’d probably avoid doing that, personally.

JDTOYS JD-18 Selfie Drone

As far as build quality goes, you get what you pay. I like the soft plastic on top and all the LED lights work fine, other than that we find relatively cheap plastic for the arms and the rest of the drone.

Flight Experience & Performance

JDTOYS JD-18 Selfie Drone

I was lucky enough to fly the JDTOYS JD-18 in a day with close to no wind and I must say I loved flying it! Despite the compact size I found it really stable in the air and it didn’t even make a whole lot of noise. Having reviewed a similar drone – the JJRC H37 ELFIE – I was expecting a loud drone, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised of the opposite.


Control wise, I didn’t incur in any problems. The app worked totally fine each time and flying was as easy as it can get on a smartphone. Of course having a dedicated remote controlled would be ideal, but then you’d have to carry that as well; meanwhile your smartphone is on you at all time.

JDTOYS JD-18 Selfie Drone
Proprietary battery design

As most drones in this category the JDTOYS JD-18 also features Altitude Hold Mode, so you’re able to control the drone very easily, once you get off the floor it’ll stay at the height you set it to, so you’ll only have to worry about moving it on the horizontal plane for the most part. The drone sports One-Key return and it can fly for about 5 minutes with the included 3.7V 600mAh li-po battery.


JDTOYS JD-18 Selfie Drone photo

Camera quality is slightly disappointing but again, I wasn’t expecting much from a portable folding drone. It’s good for an amateurish video recording session, maybe you’re out with your friends and want to record an aerial view of where you are or something you’re doing. This drone is in no way something you should use to get real good footage, it’s piloted via smartphone’s for God’s sake! Here’s some raw footage:


JDTOYS JD-18 Selfie Drone

The JDTOYS JD-18 is a really good option for those who want a very compact drone to carry anywhere they go. It’s also really easy to fly, relatively quiet and for the price you can’t ask much more. The drone is priced just around $33 over on RC Moment at the time of writing, if you want to get something that looks drastically better you’ll have to spend more than $100, but those probably won’t fit in your back pocket.

To learn more or buy a JD-18, head over to RC Moment – who were nice enough to provide the review sample – and get one for yourself!

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Build Quality


Ease of use


Features and Performance





  • Pocket-friendly design
  • Ease of use
  • Value option


  • Low quality camera
  • Proprietary battery
  • Battery could last longer


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