JJRC H31: The best beginner’s quadcopter? – Review

Let’s get things clear, this is also my first quadcopter! I finally ended up trying one of these fun-packed flying toys, to find, in my opinion, the best beginner’s quadcopter.

The JJRC H31 comes with all the necessary accessories: 1 transmitter, 4 spare propellers, 4 props’ guards, 1 400mAh battery (albeit I wish there were 2), 1 screw driver, an USB charger and, to my surprise, a pair of sunglasses, in case you’re willing to sacrifice your eye-sight just to look like a JJRC fanboy.

JJRC H31 Review

The build quality of the JJRC H31 appears to be good, it’s solid but flexible, you feel that it won’t fell apart flying it but it also won’t just break if you hit a wall. In fact, this quadcopter is one of the best for those situations, it’s super light and it only bounces instead of breaking into pieces.

Getting into the quadcopter flying experience (at home), it’s better than you would expect for $29.99. It’s really fast for being marketed as a beginner’s toy, but I see that as something positive. Where’s the fun in flying it slowly, when you can throw this thing around and it probably won’t even care?

Don’t worry, though, if you really want to take it slow you can still set the “max speed” to 50% and relax, at least at home. Outside you can let yourself go a little bit, you aren’t worried anymore about crashing it on your more valuable belongings. At maximum speed it’s crazy fun, really fast, precise flips and produces really tight funnels, which are always a pleasure to watch. All of this considering a weather with medium to little wind, otherwise it becomes relatively hard to make these tricks.

The JJRC H31 comes in 2 versions, one with and one without a camera. I got the one without, so I can’t tell you how good it would be at taking videos, if you take that route.

This quadcopter is also marketed as waterproof, but I’m mentioning that the end of the review, because even if that were true, the JJRC H31 still sinks in water and it’s almost impossible to lift it up with the propellers, once it has touched water. It’ll still be good to go after you pick it up, though.

Lastly you can expect a flight time of around 10 minutes, depending on usage.

In conclusion, I must say I’m really pleased with the JJRC H31, it’s an amazing flyer and it’s really cheap at $29.99. There’s not much else you can buy at that price which provides the same amount of fun.

Here are some photos:

JJRC H31 Review


JJRC H31 Review

JJRC H31 Review



Check the product page at BangGood for more detailed info.





Build Quality


Ease of Use


Features and Performance





  • Really fast
  • Small size, very portable
  • Very Durable


  • Hard to fly with strong wind
  • Exposed Motor Gears (without props' guards)


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