Lumsing® 10050mAh Power Bank – Review

The biggest weakness of tablets, smartphones and mobile devices in general, which we use on a daily basis, is often the battery.Whether it is an iOS or Android device, reduced autonomy is what often distinguishes all of them. Cause of this power banks are now more and more important and indispensable. This power bank from Lumsing has a USB controller which makes it compatible with most of the devices on the market.

The Lumsing® 10050mAh power bank is compact, portable and stylish, it’s perfect for long trips or for when you are outdoors and you “need” to charge your smart device.
The battery capacity is 10050mAh and it’s made of lithium ions, it allows you to do 3 full charges of your smartphone (not true for all of them, obviously).

On the side we find the power button, pressing it rapidly will light up the 4 LEDs on the front, which show how much juice you have left in the power bank ( 25% 50% 75% 100%). The LEDs indicators are not too bright, so if you set it on charge in your bedroom, at night, it will not bother you.

If instead you press the side button for longer, it’ll turn on the flash light on the top of the power bank, sadly this one is not very bright, when it needed to be.


Lumsing® 10050mAh
The 4 LEDs I mentioned. As you can (hardly) see it shows 3/4 which means 75% charge or more.
Lumsing® 10050mAh
The “weak” flash light.


Technical info:

Capacity: 10,050mAh
Input: 5V 1.8A
Output: 0~3A dual USB
Size: 3.8 x 2.5 x 0.8 inches
Weight: 7.33 oz
Warranty: 18 months

Overall the Lumsing® 10050mAh power bank is a really nice power bank, it’s solid and it’s relatively cheap considering the capacity and build quality. I definitely suggest buying one.

Lumsing® 10050mAh Power Bank




Build Quality






Battery Life



  • Solid Feeling
  • Good Looking


  • Weak flash light


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