MJX X600 X-SERIES Hexacopter – Review

Today we get to review the X600 X-Series from MJX.

The hexacopter presents itself with an attractive design and a very good build quality, the eyes on the front turn on blue when it’s on, which is pretty cool.

MJX X600

I’ve found the hexacopter to be very durable, I’ve flown it at home and crashed it almost everywhere and I can’t see any scratches on it, yet.

Getting into the user experience, it’s an amazing toy, really fast and precise, the six propellers powered by a 7.4v battery give it an incredible punch and maximum speed, considering this is still brushed. Flight time is about 10 minutes.
It’s also a very stable flyer, which would make it nice for recording aerial footage, possible with the camera MJX sells separately. Sadly it can’t handle bigger action cams like Xiaomi Yi’s or GoPro’s so you can’t really take advantage of that feature for this use.

MJX X600

The MJX X600’s transmitter is amazing as well and it’s one of the best in this price range. It’s solid and it features a three mode switch for Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced. If you aren’t a beginner (to whom I wouldn’t suggest this quadcopter anyway), then you should only use Intermediate mode, as the Advanced mode is pretty much the same but adds an auto roll functionality when you get to maximum pitch, for some reason they thought it was a good idea.

The transmitter also comes with a knob to limit the maximum throttle, useful if you want to fly inside, the minimum throttle is 69%. Another great feature is the possibility of completely switching throttle and pitch sticks on an hardware level, by using the two levers on the sides, making this one the most customizable toy-grade transmitters on the market.

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Overall the MJX X600 is a great all-around hexacopter, although it only costs around $39, it shouldn’t be considered a beginner toy, if you are you can get a JJRC H31 instead. If this will be your second or third quadcopter then go at it. You’ll have lots of fun!

MJX X600

MJX X600

For more info please check the product page on BangGood.

MJX X600 X-Series




Build Quality


Ease of Use


Features and Performance





  • Fast & Precise
  • Stable
  • Durable


  • Useless Advanced Mode
  • Can't lift Action Cams


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