ORACLEEN Love Buds Intelligent Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Sale at 399 yuan ($58)

Hammer Technology officially announced that the Kumamoto Bear Series ORACLEEN Love Bud Intelligent Sonic Electric Toothbrush, which won the German Red Dot Design Award, is now selling at the Hammer Technology Official Mall for 399 yuan ($58).

According to reports, ORACLEEN love bud intelligent sonic electric toothbrush has a vibration frequency of 37800rpm +6mm swing amplitude, forming a sonic fluid cleaning force to penetrate the teeth without cleaning the mouth to clean the mouth, non-physical friction cleaning method to protect sensitive gums.

Moreover, when the brushing force is more than 150g, the brush head is forced to slow down to reduce the stimulation of the gums and improve the bleeding and swelling of the gums.

In addition, ORACLEEN intelligent sonic electric toothbrush offers three cleaning modes: whitening mode, whitening mode and private custom mode. The private custom mode is to connect the mobile phone app through Bluetooth, support the stepless adjustment of the vibration speed, customize the vibration speed suitable for your own needs, and ensure that the electric toothbrush has less damage to the oral gums.

It is worth mentioning that ORACLEEN intelligent sonic electric toothbrush also provides exclusive private dental service, which can be communicated freely through the App with the cooperation dental clinic doctor.


Michael Ting

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