Pico 1S 3D VR Headset with Multi-function Keys Touch Panel

As you know VR, the Virtual Reality is quite popular among the current market, and what’s more, it looks like Samsung Gear VR. So you can spend less to enjoy almost the same experience.

Pico 1s 3D VR headset is made up of ABS material making it flexible and fall proof, plus it has an adjustable head strap that is used to wear the headset comfortably around your head. The VR headset comes in black and White color and the headset intelligently. Automatically dim the screen and stop to play when you take off the helmet.

The VR headset has a rather wide 96-degree FOV for best view experience, giving you a home theater feeling depending upon the smartphone used. Support IPD adjustment and focus adjustment. Suitable glasses space for myopic people. Aspheric optical resin lens. Compatible with 5 – 6-inch screen phones. Integrated high precision touch panel combined with the press keys, saving the need for an extra remote.

Michael Ting

I breath tech and can't live without my trusty smartphone and laptop. English is not my native language, so sorry if I make a mistake here and there!