Samsung Exynos VR III VR Headset with 4K Screen and Eye-Tracking Prototype Revealed

Visual Camp, a company from South Korea has leaked a new Samsung VR, called Samsung Exynos VR III. Exynos is the name of Samsung chipset, it is a little weird to use Exynos VR, currently Samsung VR called Gear VR, never name Exynos after VR headset.

But it also has leaked Samsung has mysteriously developed this VR device for a long time, at least passing two generation, according to latest news, Exynos VR III is an all-in-one VR headset, its SoC owns 10nm processing, and adopts Mail G71 GPU.

In terms of specs, Exynos VR III SOC seems to use Exynos 8895, which may be the reason to use the name of Exynos VR. This VR headset may use 90Hz WQHD+(2560 x 1440)screen resolution,or 70Hz 4K screen, it is under development, and it is a little big. It will be the most powerful all-in-one VR headset from its specs. Even if it is leaked by a VR eye-tracking company, Exynos VR III will use eye-tracking technology without question, which can render the focus optimization, saving calculation resource.

Michael Ting

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