Segway Drift W1 Self-Balancing Wheel Officially Released for $399

In a launch conference held in Los Angeles, Segway  released a new self-balancing category: the “balance wheel”, with the first new product being the Segway Drift W1.

The Segway Balance Wheel W1 is the first product in a new category developed by Segway-Ninebot in the past two years. It uses Segway’s self-balancing technology and incorporates Ninebot’s minimalist design concept. It is light and easy to carry, easy to use, and has a variety of fancy gameplay. .

Compared with the balance car, the balance wheel is obviously lighter and smarter. The single weight is only 3.5kg, the size is 29cmx16cmx12cm, and the maximum speed is about 12km/hour.

The official said: “The balance wheel is designed to improve its stability and steering function, coupled with high-quality materials (including the anti-slip performance of the foot pad), the product is designed to achieve maximum comfort and fun.”

The Segway Drift W1 is priced at $399, or about $2,700. The product will also be listed in China in the future and has not been confirmed yet.

Michael Ting

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