Sweating in Summer? You Can Now Check if You Smell, Thanks to TANITA

In July, we must face the reality of summer arrival. Although hiding in the house is a life that many people dream of, but people are social animals, they have to go out to work to deal with social affairs. However, the weather is so hot, people’s The sweat glands will work at 150% efficiency, creating less pleasant odors in public places where people are moving, especially in certain body parts…

To this end, the decent Japanese people have made a special small appliance that discriminates whether they have a taste.

On July 1st, TANITA Japan officially launched an odor detector called ES-100, which is used to detect whether some of the human body’s dead horns are harmful to their image. The device uses very intuitive quantitative indicators, with 10 odor levels to indicate whether the parts detected by them have obvious odor, and the detection time is very short, only 10 seconds to complete the test.

When it exceeds 5 levels, it means that you need to use a kind of care products like a body lotion – although nothing is as thorough as a bath.

ES-100 can not only detect natural body odor, it even detects excessive body lotion or cologne use, the same as the detection of body odor, so it can also be used as a reference for spray.

TANITA Odor Detector

TANITA’s target for ES-100 is for middle-aged business people and white-collar workers who are 40 or 50 years old. It believes that middle-aged men of this age will start to worry about their own odor, but the problem is not age. Paragraph is unique, so it is not too much to care about the image of a friend of his own image. Ballyda’s goal of selling 10,000 a year is too conservative.

The TANITA ES-100 was officially launched in the Japanese market yesterday. The price is 13,824 yen (about RMB 830). The odor sensor in the detector is modular and can be manually replaced. The service life is 2000 times. , at least one year is no problem. The price may be a bit expensive, but those who really need it should not take this cost seriously.


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