Tencent P1 Sports Watch with GPS Positioning Launched at 699 Yuan

Tencent’s all-sports smart watch P1 was formally launched on the Jingdong crowdfunding program today, targeting sports positioning with a minimum price of 699 yuan.

Tencent P1 is the main “all-accommodation sport” and supports six major sports modes: music, running, running, fat running, swimming, and cycling.

It offers Bluetooth music to accompany the run mode, to meet the function of running songs and recording sports data, 4GB storage space, can store up to 600 songs. Music transmission is also very convenient. It supports two modes of USB connection computer and WI-FI transmission function.

From 699 yuan! Tencent omnibus sports smart watch P1 goes online: Wechat offline payment

P1 also has high-precision dual-star GPS positioning, you can view your running distance in real-time sports APP. P1 continues its social function of sports. It can sign up for the official red envelope match, join the steps to win red envelopes, and also set up their own red envelope match between friends, etc., through the team PK mechanism, grab the red envelope, and the situation. Rankings and other social activities.

From 699 yuan! Tencent omnibus sports smart watch P1 goes online: Wechat offline payment

Its waterproof rating is up to 5ATM and can record swimming length, 100m pace, total number of calories, and calories. In addition, P1 also possesses a swimming position recognition function that can recognize backstroke, freestyle, butterfly, and breast stroke.

Tencent P1

In response to the “reduced fat” requirement of many users, P1 developed a fat-reducing run mode, which uses real-time heart rate detection to remind users to accelerate and decelerate, keeping the wearer’s heart rate within the interval of fat-reducing exercise, and effectively increasing the fat reduction efficiency.

P1 shape invites the Nordic designers team to design, aviation aluminum material metal bezel, classic double-button design and top chamfer polishing, using AMOLED true color screen , compared to reflective color screen, whether it is indoor or outdoor, or cloudy sunny days Under various lighting conditions, it can maintain consistent definition and rich color levels.

In terms of battery life, its built-in 300mAh battery can guarantee continuous use for five days in a true color screen, and a standby time of 18 days .

Tencent P1

From the background of Tencent, P1 has an exclusive WeChat offline payment function. When running a small payment scenario such as buying water, you don’t need to carry a mobile phone, you can use a key to call out WeChat to pay for the QR code, and let the merchant scan for payment.

The crowdfunding will go on from June 1 to July 11 for 699 yuan.


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