This Xiaomi Smart Door Lock is the Best Rated Xiaomi Product

Launched in April of last year, Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform has been established for more than a year. The platform already contains 15 categories, including mobile phones, smart, furniture, groceries, kitchens, etc.

Of them all, do you know what the highest-selling merchandise last month was? Unexpectedly, it turned out to be a Xiaomi Smart Door Lock, priced at 1699 yuan ($253), definitely not one of the cheapest gadgets on the website.

In Xiaomi’s “Worth to Buy This Week” column, this “Loocker” smart fingerprint lock received 5 stars in terms of hot sale, recommendation, practicality and cost performance.

The fingerprint lock supports four unlocking methods (fingerprint, mobile phone Bluetooth, password, key), active fingerprint recognition, hidden fingerprint design and powerful anti-breaking ability.

Classic is available in black and silver. It has a full metal panel and a tough line. The handle is made of seamless molding technology. It can be used for 100 years without pressure.

In terms of safety, the safety level of the lock cylinder reaches Class C, and the overall level of the door lock reaches Class B. The lock cylinder motor can pass the 100,000 fatigue test and can be used from -25 degrees Celsius to 55 °C.

It also supports door anti-locking, anti-cat eye unlocking, and illegal unlocking immediate alarm function. When the door lock is smashed, the fingerprint is continuously input incorrectly 15 times, and the password is continuously input incorrectly 5 times, Classic will immediately emit a high-pitched alarm.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock


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