Vivo iQOO Neo 3 Review: The Most Cost-Effective Snapdragon 865 Phone

Vivo iQOO Neo 3 Review: The Most Cost-Effective Snapdragon 865 Phone

The iQOO Neo series has been a small steel cannon and an excellent gaming machine serving the price-sensitive user group since its birth. Its characteristics are very obvious-the flagship performance platform is relatively “scarce” relatively speaking. The price gives people a sense of satisfaction of “large amount of fullness”.

In terms of performance, iQOO Neo3 delivers top-level basic performance: Snapdragon 865 + X55. At the same time, the three versions of the memory are LPDDR4X, and the storage part is UFS3.1 that vivo first insists on using. These are iQOO Neo3 performance strength at the same price Far away from the core competitiveness of the opponent, to meet the audience’s extreme sensitivity to price and performance.

The 6.57-inch 144Hz FHD + high-brush LCD screen naturally has some gaps with its own top flagship. However, it is placed in the same price range among mid-to-high-end 5G mobile phones, and the overall quality is superior. The perception of high refresh rate is obvious.

Vivo iQOO Neo 3 Review

Mobile games such as “Peace Elite”, “Broken Down 3”, “Quantum Agent”, “Slam Dunk Master Mobile Games”, “Air Combat Pioneer”, “Eating Snake Battle” are already compatible with 90Hz mode; “Under”, “Ace Warrior”, “Blue Oath”, “New God Demon Continent”, “New Xiaoaojianghu”, “Onmyoji Monster House”, “King of the Hunter” are already compatible with 120Hz mode, even 144Hz mode “Code Spirit”, “Mobile City Alpha” and “Peak Tank-Armored Battle Song” and other mobile games are compatible and compatible.

Quite a few mainstream games have already been compatible with the high refresh rate of this screen. In the past, hardware advances and software can’t keep up with the high brush have disappeared.

If you are really happy to use your mobile phone to play games, especially games like “Peace Elite” that require high audio recognition and require low latency, you still need to use wired headphones. IQOO Neo3 should also be based on this Consider retaining the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Vivo iQOO Neo 3 Review

4500 mAh + 44W dual-charge pump charging, this vivo has tested its classic solution for a considerable period of time on its flagship, and it can be called the existence of “conscience” among models of the same price. Through actual measurement, even if it is turned on at 144Hz With a high refresh rate, the endurance performance of watching videos and chasing dramas is still relatively “enduring”.

As for the 48 million three-camera camera module is enough for daily use, this is not the main development direction of iQOO Neo3.

In general, iQOO Neo3 stands at the price of 2698 yuan, which meets the needs of many people: the Snapdragon 865, which represents the top flagship performance, the 144Hz high refresh rate that represents the look and feel of the game screen, and 4500 mA without worrying about battery life Shida battery, vivo’s 44W super fast charge used in the past flagship.

It gives users with low budgets the possibility of pursuing high performance, provides users with high refresh rates and demands a smooth and silky experience, and gives users who want earphone jacks freedom from Bluetooth headsets. Although its design, workmanship, and camera module are satisfactory, there is still a certain distance from the top flagship model, but it does have all the features that are just needed, and the price is cheap enough to exceed the expectations of many people.