Xiaomi Home Launches Limited Time Offer: Buy an Air Purifier Pro & Get a Free Electric Kettle

Today, Xiaomi Home announced on Weibo that as long as you buy a Mijia Air Purifier Pro at Xiaomi Home, you will get a free electric kettle. This is a limited-time event. The start time is July 7th and July 15th.

Mijia Air Purifier Pro is currently priced at 1499 yuan ($225), the activity price is 1199 yuan ($180), while the kettle is 99 yuan ($14), so the activity of the rice home Air Purifier Pro is still relatively affordable.

According to the official introduction, the Mijia Air Purifier Pro has a CADR of up to 500m3/h, with an area of ​​60m2, using a new OLED display screen and a highly accurate laser particle sensor.

Compared to conventional air purifiers, Mijia Air Purifier Pro optimizes the air boosting system to create CADR values ​​for particulates up to 500m3/h. Its unique tower design allows the indoor to quickly form a 360° cycle of air, making it the unique “air tree” in the interior, absorbing dust, PM2.5, formaldehyde and other substances.

Moreover, the Mijia Air Purifier Pro is also equipped with a new aerodynamic system, which is composed of a fan blade and a wind tunnel, which makes the air pressure increase, thereby achieving adsorption of contaminated air to the filter core.


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