Xiaomi Bed Successfully Crowdfunded on their Platform

People spend 1/3 of their lives in bed. If there is a good bed that really understands you, it will undoubtedly greatly improve the quality of life.

Today, Xiaomi Crowdfunding has put on a 103° ergonomic double bed, which is mainly supported by five zones, ventilation, multiple storage, five mute, versatile and versatile, starting at 1199 yuan.

Xiaomi double bed

The double bed adopts E0-grade eco-friendly wood board, which can be selected from a variety of specifications, including whether the headboard is a soft bag, a bed head, or whether the bed box has a storage function. It should be noted that mattresses are not included. 22-25cm thick mattress use.

Xiaomi Bed

The designer repeatedly simulates the scene of a person relying on the bedside, and the ergonomic angle of 103° is obtained so that you do not need a cushion when you are seated. At the same time, according to different forces when the human body is lying down, the row skeleton is divided into five regions, and the row and skeleton density is rationally designed, which is known as the sleeping experience of a million-dollar mattress.

Xiaomi double bed

The average adult per night discharges 0.25L of sweat. Compared to the enclosed bed box, the bed box of the 103° bed adopts a ventilation design, and 8 ventilation holes enhance the gout of the mattress.


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