Xiaomi Binoculars Released: The First 8X Lens for “Young People”

Half a month ago, Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise Xi’an Bee Language Technology just brought an astronomical telescope, priced at 1199 yuan ($175), with a 90mm large-caliber objective lens, both world and earth, can watch the starry sky, but also can view the ground landscape.

Today, they brought a more grounded binoculars for 299 yuan ($43) , with 8 times the gold ratio, ultra-wideband multi-layer coating, IP67 grade nitrogen-filled waterproof and so on.

In order to stabilize the imaging while ensuring the magnification, 8 times the golden magnification of the binoculars, with a 32mm objective lens and a 19mm eyepiece, the field of view is 130m/1000m.

The lens adopts ultra-wide multi-layer coating process to improve the transmittance of the lens, and the field of view is clear and bright. The high-reverse dielectric coating is used in the lens barrel to achieve high reflectivity in the whole spectrum, realizing true color reproduction.

Design, roof-type prism structure, simple design, integrated molding process, surface environmentally-friendly glue-covered skin, delicate and non-slip. Support IP67 waterproof, even if it is immersed in 1 meter of deep water for 30 minutes, it can still work normally.

Taking into account the people wearing glasses, the telescope also provides a rotating eye mask, wearing glasses only need to lower the eye mask so that the eyes are closer to the eyepiece.

Xiaomi Binoculars


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