Xiaomi is Crowdfunding a Copper Fiber Mattress Cover: Antibacterial and Anti-Mite

The mattress is the first to bear the brunt of the family’s many deadly bacteria. Even in very neat bedrooms, there are millions of bacterial mites on each mattress.

Today, Xiaomi crowdfunding put on a COMO LIVING copper fiber mattress cover, antibacterial and antibacterial, moisture absorption and ventilation, priced at 139 yuan. ($20) 

The mattress cover is shipped and supplied by Motes (Qingdao) Technology Co., Ltd. This protective cover utilizes the biological properties of copper to destroy the bacterial structure by charge and permanently antibacterial and anti-mite.

COMO LIVING copper fiber mattress cover contains 4% copper oxide. After testing, it can effectively avoid 83.04% aphids within 24 hours, and has strong anti-mite effect.

In addition, the protective cover is also equipped with 360° all-around wrapping and knit three-dimensional jacquard fabric design, which supports direct machine washing. Available in beige and high-grade grey, it is suitable for a variety of home environments.


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