Xiaomi Ecological Chain Releases AI Massage Chair

A couple days back, Xiaofan Ecological Chain Enterprise Lefan Health Technology released the “One-Dimensional AI Intelligent Massage Chair” in Xiamen . The massage instrument will be officially launched on Xiaomi in July 26th. At that time, Xiaomi has a line of products. Simultaneous listing, currently its crowdfunding price starts at 3,899 yuan ($573) .

According to official news, this smart massage chair is specially designed for young people. The massager installed on the back of the chair adopts a 3D artificial massage movement, which can be adjusted in real time according to the curve of the human back , so that the massager can be closely attached to the human body. .

At the same time, Le Fan Health Technology official said that the massager can cover more than 90% of the back of the human body . It is said that when developing the massage program for the product, the Chinese medicine consultant was invited to participate in the research and development, and the massage design was optimized for the shoulder and neck pain that is easy for the busy young people.

Lefan Health Technology officially claims that this product incorporates six more professional massage techniques such as kneading, shiatsu, Swedish, smashing, beating , and massage . It can be selected according to different application scenarios to help the body relax and release pressure. It selects the massage site and mode by connecting the APP.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the connected App control, the “One-Dimensional AI Smart Massage Chair” also supports voice control through the Xiaomi smart speaker “Little Love Classmate” .

Intelligent massage chair


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