Xiaomi Crowdfunds an Intelligent Rowing Machine at 2499 Yuan ($376)

This morning, Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform put on a new product – the Xiaomi intelligent rowing machine , stepless speed resistance adjustment, crowdfunding price 2499 yuan. ($376)

The new product is delivered by Shanghai Xiaomi Network Technology Co., Ltd. and is available for sale. It is expected to start shipping on 2018/8/21.

It is reported that Xiaomi intelligent rowing machine is based on waterwheel drive structure, transmission structure and other technologies. The double-track eight-axis motion track can truly restore the water rowing experience, and evenly exercise 80% of the muscles of the whole body, on the waist, back, legs and hips. Have a certain plasticity.

Its dimensions are 195x48x48cm, which can stand upright in one second, covering only 0.23m2, which is 3 A4 paper size.

The rowing machine features a selection of imported pine wood, with three layers of environmentally friendly water-based paint to restore excellent wood texture and surface color. Polycarbonate kettle made of aerospace materials, high light transmission, more impact resistance and corrosion resistance. Double-leaf stepless varistor slurry, which can match the right resistance for different age groups and exercise needs. 3D ergonomic chair with gentle wrap.

It can also record 16 kinds of sports data, as well as dynamic tension curve display, and can also play games in different places, peers and medals.


Michael Ting

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