Xiaomi is Now Selling Sofas! Starting at 999 Yuan ($149)

Today, Xiaomi announced a combination of cubic sofas, one person, two person, three people can choose, the price ranges from 999 yuan ($149) to 3599 ($537) yuan, in addition to 569 yuan ($85) foots.

The sofa is mainly freely combined, and the square is shaped like a piece of Q-ball cube sugar, which can be extended infinitely. Handrails of different heights and widths can be placed on each side of the sofa, and modules can be added according to the size of the space.

It adopts 103° ergonomic design and does not require a cushion to have a comfortable body. 60cm super wide and deep sitting, equivalent to 1.5 times the seating space of the same width sofa, you can sit cross-legged, you can also lie on it.

On the support structure, the S-shaped spring is used, and the overall bearing capacity of the sofa can reach 350 kg. The E0 grade solid wood multi-layer board is waterproof and anti-corrosive, has good earthquake resistance, and avoids various internal noises to generate various noises.

The interior is a high-density sponge of 35kg/m3, which is highly rebounded and does not collapse after sedentary. The surface sponge is soft, the inner layer is highly supported, the scientific ratio is adjusted to the comfortable hardness, and it has good support for all parts of the body.


Michael Ting

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