Xiaomi Mi Band 3 International on Sale at Just $28.99 (Coupon Inside)

If you’re a sports person and you follow Chinese tech gadgets, then you probably know everything already about the latest Xiaomi Mi Band 3. Nevertheless, the fitness band is now on sale over at GearVita with a discount thanks to the coupon we’ve been granted with; so let’s learn more about it!

The Xiaomi  Mi Band 3 is a smart band that comes with a 0.78-inch OLED high-resolution display encased in a durable TPE strap and is 5ATM waterproof so that you can take it for swimming under 50 meters.

The packs a heart rate monitor function that will give you real-time feedback, letting you know about your heart rate anytime and anywhere, it can also monitor your sleep quality through measurement of duration for deep sleep, non-REM sleep and waking condition.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

When you work out the Mi Band 2 will count the calories you burn, as well as the steps and other data. You can set reminders on it so that it vibrates at a certain time, plus you can use it as a remote shutter button to take photos with your phone when it’s away from you.

Finally, the band will vibrate and light up when a call or message arrives so that you never miss any notifications.


You can get the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 for just $28.99 on GearVita (free shipping) using the coupon code MIBAND3IV. Offer expires on August 29th.