99 Yuan ($14) Xiaomi Mijia Filter Kettle Launched: 5 Minutes to Drink a Pot of Clean Water

On June 13th, Xiaomi officially set up a Xiaomi Mijia filter kettle, which cost 99 yuan, and claimed to filter a pot of water in 5 minutes.

What about this filter kettle? We have got this new product with our fast technology.

Xiaomi Mijia Filter Kettle, divided into the upper raw bucket (volume 1L) and the lower purification bucket (volume 2L). The filter element adopts a three-layer filter design , and adopts high-performance activated carbon and ion exchange resin. By gravity penetrating principle, it can effectively filter residual chlorine and reduce harmful substances such as scale and heavy metals.

Its filtering function is powerful, the volatile phenols can be filtered 99%, the chloroform is filtered 91%, the carbon tetrachloride is filtered 81%, the residual chlorine is filtered 90%, and the filtered water can be directly consumed.

Thanks to the 360° inlet flow channel design, the Xiaomi Mijia filter kettle can make full use of the filter material, avoiding the insufficient use of the filter material due to local water ingress. In addition, the filter life of the Xiaomi Mijia filter kettle can be used for about 4 weeks, and the remaining life can be displayed by the panel hidden LED.


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