Shave Yourself with a Xiaomi Mijia Razor Set!

We’re used to Xiaomi producing every kind of gadget for the house and personal case, but this one is a bit of a weird one as it apparently doesn’t have any electronics in it; it’s a plain and simple Razor set. Let’s see what we would get in the box!

The Razoer comes with an HITACHI shaving blade which is made in Germany, with a 6 layer blade design which can disperse the shaving pressure effectively, reduce the sense of pulling your face, compared to 5 layer blades.

The gadget also comes with a magnetic replaceable heads and a water-soluble lubricating strip, adaptive shrapnel and L type blade, which give it a better feeling when shaving.

Last but not least we get an anti-skid rubber apron base where we can sit the razor.

In the package you get:

  • 1*Knife holder (with a knife head)
  • 1*Knife holder (with a knife head)
  • 4*Head
  • 1*Shaving bubble (lemon flavor)
  • 1*Base

You can purchase the Xiaomi Mijia Lemon Shaver Razor 8 in 1 set on Geekbuying for $49.99

Jon S

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