Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camera 130° Wide 1080p Camera First Look

Xiaomi recently launched a new Xiaomi Mijia smart camera, which was upgraded to a full-duplex call design. It can communicate instantly like a call, and the communication is smoother and easier.

We quickly got this new product, and we will bring you a picture tour.

The Xiaomi Mijia smart camera adopts a bracket design. The main body can be tilted forward and backward on the wide base without worrying about dumping. The overall pure white design is suitable for matching with various households.

The Xiaomi Mijia smart camera performed very well in recording pictures. With 1080p full HD video capture and mobile phone remote viewing capabilities, the picture is clear and smooth, the details are complete, with a 130 ° super wide-angle lens, the vision is wider, effectively reducing the blind spot.

Based on the original 32-square grid area detection, Xiaomi Mijia smart camera also added AI humanoid intelligent detection, which can effectively filter the invalidity caused by curtain swing, light change, bug flying, shaking, etc. The alarm can only receive the push alarm information when the humanoid object is detected to move.

In terms of night shooting, 10 large-size 940nm infrared fill lamps can provide an effective night vision range of 10 meters, which meets the needs of most household environments. The infrared fill light has no light pollution and does not affect the family’s sleep.

In addition, Mijia smart camera upgraded the voice call experience, using full-duplex voice call design, just like instant call communication, communication is more smooth and easy.

Xiaomi Mijia smart camera also supports automatic backup of NAS devices or Xiaomi routers, and also adds cloud storage function, which can save some of the video detected by the mobile in the cloud to ensure information security.


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