Launched: Xiaomi MiJia Smart IP Camera with 360-Degree View

Today Xiaomi shop has listed a new product, Xiaomi MIjia Smart IP Camera gimbal, which sells at 199 yuan, $33. Xiaomi MIJia smart IP camera gimbal version adopts double motor gimbal, which can rotate freely up and down, it has reached 360 degree level viewing paralleled angle, and the vertical viewing angle up to 115 degrees. The wide viewing angle is 100.2 degrees.

Xiaomi MIJia Smart IP Camera

Compared with previous two IP camera, the biggest highlight of this Xiaomi IP camera gimbal can be upside down, coming with its own rotated base accessories, supporting reversing, sideway installing and other installing ways, it can be put in any other places at home, such as desk, window, bed, at the top of the roof, any place of the wall. It can record 720p video, adopting silent gear grinding design, when the camera rotates, it almost has no noise, supporting Infrared night vision function, equipped with 10 units 940nm infrared supplement light, no visual pollution.

Xiaomi MIJia Smart IP Camera

Xiaomi camera gimbal supports smartphones, tablet pcs, tvs,so on, it supports Micro SD card, which can record video cycling automatically, and it supports connecting Xiaomi wifi router, built in hard-disk, so as to backup data in the fixed time every time. And it can store videos to cloud. Right now start to protect ourselves by installing this competitive Xiaomi mijia IP camera gimbal.

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