Xiaomi Mooyee Smart Massager Crowdfunded: 18 Massage Techniques

Today, Xiaomi crowdfunding has put on an intelligent massage device, support APP intelligent control, dual-machine combination massage, priced at 249 yuan ($37).

Mooyee smart massager has won the 2017 IF product design award, ABS + PC material, integrated design, delicate and smooth feel, macarons color.

It uses EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulator) technology, which contains 18 kinds of massage techniques and 15 intensity , which meets the massage needs of different body parts, different tolerances and different fatigue levels.

The Mooyee smart massager adopts no key design. The two machines are combined by magnetic buttons and are like hands of a masseur. They can not only massage two parts at the same time, but also perform different functions. Massage techniques and strength.

No noise when using, Bluetooth 4.0 is connected to the mobile phone and supports mobile APP control, which can process mobile phone commands quickly and efficiently.

In terms of battery life, it takes about 2 hours for one charge, 240 minutes for continuous use , 30 minutes for each day, and only one charge per week.

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