Xiaomi Now Has a 90-Piece Integrated Woven Board Shoes for 169 yuan ($29)

At the beginning of June, Xiaomi had a 90-point integrated sneaker on the line , one-piece woven fabric, 12 flying-line packages, priced at 199 yuan ($29).

90-point integrated sneakers provide a total of 5 youthful colors to meet the young people’s pursuit of fashion. It adopts SEAMLESS INTERLACING integrated weaving technology. The body of the shoe is woven from the latest flying woven material polyester yarn, and it is made of elastic shaped hot melt adhesive, which is tough and wear resistant.

Today, 90-piece integrated woven shoes are also coming, the same one-woven fabric, priced at 169 yuan.

Different from the traditional technology, the integrated weaving SEAMLESS INTERLACING is a seamless interweaving process. The whole pair of uppers consists of one thread, no thread, dense weaving, light weight and comfortable, good breathability.

The ordinary upper uses only 3 yarns, while the 90-point integrated woven shoe upper is made of 6 yarns at the same time , and 150D thermal fuse is used to ensure the texture and strength of the shoes, due to the use of complicated craftsmanship and multiple layers. The structural design takes 2.5 times longer than ordinary shoes.

In addition, the wear resistance and kick-resisting performance of the toe cap are enhanced, and the splash-proof water is effectively prevented; the TPU wraps the heel to effectively protect the heel portion of the support heel.

 woven board shoes



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