Xiaomi Polar Bee Telescope Released with 90mm Large Diameter Lens

Following the Mijia intercom, Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise Xi’an Bee Language Technology has brought a new product today – the polar bee telescope , priced at 1199 yuan. ($179)

The polar bee telescope has a 90mm large-diameter objective lens, which has a larger amount of light than the 80mm objective lens that is common on the market. The surface of the lens is a multi-layer coating process, which effectively improves the light transmittance of the light, and the visual reduction is true and sharp, and the observation is broad and clear.

As the first astronomical telescope for young people, in addition to the large-caliber objective lens, the Prosperity (PL) eyepiece with a 600mm long focal length cylinder gives the telescope a larger effective magnification. Heaven and earth can be used to watch the stars and watch the ground.

The polar bee telescope comes standard with PL6 (100 times) and PL20 (30 times) metal eyepieces . It uses FMC multi-layer broadband coating to reduce light loss. It is also equipped with finder, equatorial and other professional Star search tools, chasing stars is easier.

A mobile phone stand is also included, you can shoot the moon, Jupiter, etc. through the screen of the mobile phone, which is convenient for shooting and then shared to the circle of friends.

chain polar bee telescope

Source: http://news.mydrivers.com/1/584/584449.htm

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