Xiaomi Power Strip with USB Sockets – First Look

The patch panel is an essential electrical appliance for every family. With the addition of Internet companies such as Xiaomi and 360, it has had a great impact on traditional enterprises such as the Bull. Of course, traditional enterprises have also launched corresponding products to fight back.

Recently, Xiaomi released the Power Strip USB socket, which is a three-port USB power strip, model “GN-B403U”, with a small white style.

We have already got this product in our fast technology, let’s take a look at it.

Xiaomi Power Strip USB socket adopts one-piece injection molding process shell and PC alloy material, high temperature resistance 750 °C , the overall shape is similar to the switch button and millet, but the fuselage should be a big circle, the jack spacing is 42mm, they will not mutually Obstruction.

The Xiaomi Power Strip USB socket is equipped with three sets of new GB AC jacks and three USB output ports. The USB output specification is 5V/3.1A , which supports fast charging of various mobile devices.

AC jack supports 100-240V voltage, maximum 10A current, rated power 2500W, equipped with 75N safety protection door , equivalent to the pressure generated by 7.5Kg weight, children can not accidentally insert the jack.

The internal connection structure adopts a one-piece copper strip design, which has better electrical conductivity, wear resistance and firmness than copper wire connection.

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