Xiaomi School Bag for Senior Students Launched at 189 Yuan ($28)!

Today, Xiaomi has a new product on the shelves – the Xiao Yang backpack in order to reduce the ridge of the upper grade student bag, priced at 189 yuan, there are two colors of navy and rose red, suitable for students of grades 3-6.

Xiao Yang’s weight-reducing senior student’s schoolbag adopts mountaineering bag design to reduce the negative stress on the back. On the basis of the traditional shoulder force, the waist, chest, back and hip force points are increased by the 3D three-dimensional carrying design to form a 5-point force system , reducing Pressure on the spine.

The main fabric and accessories of the bag are uniformly made of lightweight materials, and the overall price is only 0.9kg . The middle trench of the bag can dissipate heat and conduct, even if it is back in the summer, it is refreshing and breathable.

The shoulder straps, side pockets and the front of the bag are designed with high-reflective strips. In dimly lit conditions, the lights will give a strong contrast. 360° reminds the vehicles to avoid the vehicles.

As a bag used by senior students, it uses a 25L large-capacity design, and it is easy to load textbooks. It has multiple compartments inside, which can be opened for easy searching.

Michael Ting

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