Xiaomi Smart Scale Now Available for 179 Yuan

Xiaomi body fat scale is a product released by the end of February last year, able to detect 10 body factors, store up to 16 people data and works Xiaomi exercise App use. Today the company dropped the price even further to a mere 179 Yuan (around $28.33).

Xiaomi’s scale comes with minimalist ultra-thin design and industry’s mature BIA bioelectrical impedance technology. The basic principle is that the body is divided into conductive body fluids, muscles, and non-conductive adipose tissue. When the user steps on the four metal electrodes on the body fat scale, the internal BIA module measures the distance from the left foot to the right foot Of the resistance, with the formula to calculate the composition of the human body results.

In addition to body fat, the Xiaomi fat scale can also measure body weight, BMI, muscle mass, basal metabolism, visceral fat level, bone mass, water, body fat rate, body type, body score a total of 10 human data.

Through the mobile phone and Xiaomi sports APP binding, each weighing and body fat-related data will be automatically uploaded, can be used as an indicator of the current physical condition, to guide the user to maintain or improve. When used by many people, it can also intelligently identify different weighing people and separately record up to 16 person data measurements with unlimited weight data stored.

Jon S

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