Xiaomi Smart Socket now with 2 USB Ports Released for 79 Yuan

The Xiaomi Smart Socket is far from being a new product, the company did indeed launch that a while back. What’s different about the just released product is that it now features two USB ports on-board to charge your mobile devices, which makes it an even more convenient option and saves you space.

In addition, it also has support for BC1.2 protocol, remote control, timer switch, power statistics and other functions.

Its shell is made of high temperature resistant materials, internal wave soldering process, its double as safe. Through the built-in temperature sensor, the socket is able to feature a “hot reminder” function, real-time monitoring of high-power use when the smart socket temperature is significantly increased and promptly remind the user. If the temperature is too high, the smart socket will automatically cut off the power to reduce risks as well.

The Mijia smart socket enhanced edition also supports mobile APP control. The mobile APP can be used at any time to control the power switch. At the same time, it also has a timer switch function, for example, you can set the humidifier to have timer switch and automatically shut down when you go to work every day and turn it back on half an hour before you get back home.


Source: mydrivers

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