Xiaomi Smart Toilet Seat Launched – It Connects to Your Mi Band!

Xiaomi just launched a new version of their successful smart toilet seat. The latest toilet seat features a quadruple antibacterial power, hot wash, connects to the network and can count how much energy you save while using it.

The smart toilet seat uses an ergonomic circular surface which is supposed to provide a more comfortable sitting posture, don’t get too comfortable though as it will beep after 30 minutes of sitting. Xiaomi’s seat also recognizes Mi bands, it can be set to 3 adjustable temperatures and it’s equipped with low temperature ignition technology. The operator panel interface is concise and has Braille tips.

It also supports APP monitoring, support for active user identification function, when you wear a Xiaomi bracelet, it will automatically adjust to your private settings (cleaning location, water temperature, water intensity, etc.).

Xiaomi Smart Toilet Seat

The use of a dual heating module ceramic heater can bring instant cold water heated to a comfortable temperature, which they claim is at “SPA” levels.

An antibacterial PP resin is used for an effective antimicrobial rate of 99.9% (Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus), to solve the risk of contact cross-infection.

The Xiaomi Smart Toilet Seat will be priced 1199 yuan (around  $189.99).

Xiaomi Smart Toilet Seat

Source: mydrivers

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