Which Xiaomi Smartphones Are Getting Updated to Android 7.0 Nougat?

In this day MIUI official Weibo announces those Xiaomi smartphones can update to Android N. Xiaomi MI MAX, Xiaomi MI5, Xiaomi MI5S, Xiaomi MI5S Plus, Xiaomi MI4C, Xiaomi MI4S, Xiaomi mi note top version, Xiaomi mi note 2, Xiaomi MI MIX, and Redmi Note 4X can upgrade to Android 7.0 OS.


Those will be able to  upgrade to Android7.1 OS including Xiaomi MI6, Xiaomi MI MAX 2, Xiaomi MI5C, and Redmi 4X. MIUI official Weibo claims that there will be more Xiaomi smartphones supporting Android N. Previously on June 16, Xiaomi MIUI 8 for Android7.0 developer public version officially released, including Xiaomi MI5S, Xiaomi MI5S Plus, Xiaomi MI Note 2 and Xiaomi MI MIX four smartphones.

It is worthwhile to know that Xiaomi MIUI OS is customized based on Android OS, the framework needs to be optimized, so the upgrading speed of MIUI OS ROM is a little slow.

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