Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Youth Edition for $14 – Quick First Look

Xiaomi has previously released two sports Bluetooth headsets, each with their own characteristics, but it may not meet the needs of all consumers. In terms of sports, in addition to maintaining a stable wear and ensuring continuous audio connection, it requires long-lasting battery life and waterproof performance.

This Xiaomi latest launch of the millet sports Bluetooth headset youth version takes into account the above points, and the price is only 99 yuan ($14).

The following is a disassembly to show you the waterproof technology of this headset.

First, Xiaomi sports Bluetooth headset youth version out of the box

For a sports headset, the package needs to have an impact. Seeing the box, a large proportion of the Xiaomi sports Bluetooth headset youth version of the product almost filled the front of the package.

Model: YDLYEJ03LM, battery type: lithium ion polymer battery, battery capacity: 120mAh, input parameters: 5V 200mA, maximum continuous playback time: medium volume about 11 hours, charging time: about 2 hours, wireless connection: Bluetooth 4.1 Edition, communication distance: 10 meters, manufacturer: Dongguan City Hunting Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., manufacturer: Dongguan Hao Electronics Co., Ltd.

The package contains: charging cable, manual, 4 sets of earmuffs, wire buckle and product body.

The remote control section has volume +, volume – and multi-function buttons in the middle.

Behind the line control is the product simple information, Xiaomi sports Bluetooth headset youth version, product model: YDLYEJ03LM, battery capacity: 120mAh, input parameters: 5V 200mA.

Side, Micro USB port under the protection of dustproof and waterproof cover.

The two earplugs are symmetrical in shape.

Behind the anti-slip rubber pad, the inner layer is colored, resulting in a crystal clear effect.

Located inside the earphone, there is a pressure relief hole.

There is a dust filter on the earphone tube.

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