Xiaomi Launches Washer & Dryer Machine at 2399 : New Clothes in 45 Minutes

Today, Xiaomi’s washing and drying machine (8KG) went officially on sale, starting at 2599 yuan, the current limited time offer 200 yuan, which is 2399 yuan.

The Yunmi washing and drying machine can, obviously, be used for washing and drying, and it is a one-button operation, or a remote mobile APP operation. It has 16 kinds of washing mode adjustments, which can be specially washed according to special clothes, such as wool, down, silk and other materials. Wash mode.

Use 40 ° C water temperature to ensure that the clothes will not fade, up to 8 kg of clothing can be washed, also has a defoaming function, real-time monitoring of foam conditions, automatic water injection and defoaming.

In addition, it is a constant temperature drying system. It uses the inner tube tumbling and condensing hot air drying technology to dry clothes. It has built-in multiple temperature sensors to monitor the temperature change in real time, and the clothes are stopped. It also has a high temperature cleaning mode of 90 °C. The interior of the washing machine is self-cleaning at high temperatures.  From the official data, test two men’s dress shirts, 15 minutes of cleaning, 30 minutes of drying, only 45 minutes to wash and dry.

Xiaomi washing machine

The Yunmu washing and drying machine has built-in VioBrain artificial intelligence system, which controls the 1400 conversion frequency motor through fuzzy control technology, adjusts the washing and dehydrating speed according to different weights of clothes, and improves the washing ratio.


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