Xiaomi Yunmai wrist force ball comes in red and blue at 59 yuan ($8)

In March of this year, Yunmai released a pressurized device – the Yunmai wrist force ball, priced at 69 yuan ($10), a few months later, the price has dropped to 59 yuan. ($8)

It was originally released in black version. Now, the red and blue two-color versions have been been added. More colors and more decompression will be officially launched on Xiaomi this week.

Known as “the world’s fastest artificial power device”, the wrist ball is a toy created by Taiwanese inventors in China, using the “gyro and angular momentum conservation principle to generate powerful energy under the action of inertia law.”

The cloud wheat wrist ball shell is made of polycarbonate and has an aluminum alloy plated core for smoother and lower noise. Built-in automatic elastic device, push the ball along the arrow to make a rotation, release and start.

It also has built-in variable speed lights, and the lights will become colorful with speed.

Using the wrist ball for a long time can relieve stress, relieve the mouse hand, and strengthen the upper limb muscles. The rhythm and speed of the core rotation can be adjusted arbitrarily. The faster the speed, the greater the force, which can be equivalent to 50 dumbbells of different weights. There are about 14kg of force at 8000 rpm, and about 22kg of force at 10,000 rpm.


Michael Ting

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