Zhiyun CRANE M2 Officially Released with a New Storage Lock Design

Today, ZHIYUN, the three-axis stabilizer brand, held the Zhiyun CRANE M2 new product launch conference in Shenzhen. The three-axis product adopts a new storage lock design and can be used with mobile phones, sports cameras, card machines, small micro-cameras, etc.

At the press conference, ZHIYUN Chairman Liao Yilun introduced Crane M2 in detail and shared the company’s product development ideas.

Zhiyun CRANE M2 officially released: three-axis storage lock design stabilizer

In 2016, ZHIYUN launched the Crane M. This product is a handheld stabilizer that supports both mobile phones, micro-singles and GoPro. It can realize 360-degree rotation and has following modes of operation: follow-up, lock and full mode.

Judging from the product information that flowed out not long ago, the new size of ZHIYUN is very small, and it is almost as high as the small bottle of mineral water. This Crane M2 is probably the follow-up model of Zhiyun Crane M released two years ago.

Today, ZHIYUN’s new Crane M2 has finally been officially released. The overall body size of this product is only the size of the mobile phone stabilizer. The weight of the whole machine is only 500g, and its performance has been greatly improved compared with the previous version.

Crane M2 three-axis adopts a new storage lock design, which is very compact. The newly designed quick-loading plate has only one finger length and half finger width.

ZHIYUN Yunhe M2 officially released

The disassembly/assembly process takes only 3 seconds at the fastest; the handle area has OLED display and cloud. Table joystick, photo/recording button, mode switch button and trigger button, with zoom levers on both sides.

Lei Feng Network learned that the cloud Crane M2 hardware features, the specific situation is as follows:

  1. Built-in battery, can last for 7 hours, support stabilizer to power the camera, charging treasure can also charge the stabilizer;
  2. Using the new Wi-Fi + Bluetooth dual-mode control module, you can control the camera, video and other functions through the handle without connecting the cable;
  3. With three classic follow-up mode, and support the flagship level of the global POV, three-dimensional dream (360 ° rotating shooting) and “mad dog mode”, can handle travel, VLOG, live, life record and other scenes shooting needs.

There are mainly left and right following modes (PF), full lock mode (L), first view mode (POV), mad dog mode (GO), three-dimensional dream mode (V), and full follow mode (F), such as left and right follow mode.

It can switch the pitch axis motor by 90° by double-clicking the mode button and follow the handle rotation, and the roll motor rotates following the handle. In the full lock mode, the roll axis motor can be locked by clicking or long pressing the trigger button for more than 2 seconds.

The pitch axis motor and the heading axis motor follow the handle rotation, and push the rocker left to the right to change the roll axis angle.

Zhiyun CRANE M2 is the main consumer-grade market. It comes standard with mobile phone holders and non-slip hand straps. The gimbal is priced at 1499 yuan ($220).


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