Brothers in Crime? ZNAPS might be just another Scam

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Crowdfunding site in the development of smart successful fund-raising coffee machine, but do not take the number two shipments Zhaogong Yun, Zhao Gongliang brothers suspected trick. “Apple” found that last year, raising $ 18 million in the same site, the same six months of foot dragging unshipped Znaps magnetic charging cable behind if things turned out exactly who Zhaogong Yun wife; only two down the number of products in the crowdfunding website suction gold nearly HK $ 25 million, more eligible for government recognition to public funding. Incidents involving more than 70,000 investors from all countries, Hong Kong and the United States was told the police, but not accepted.
Reporter: Yu and Liang
Hong Kong Zhaogong Yun, Zhao Gongliang brothers developed the smart coffee machines Arist, two years ago to raise funds in global investors crowdfunding site Kickstarter, originally scheduled for delivery in June last year, followed by repeated delays, investors rebuked event is to raise funds fraud, Hong Kong shame. However, events not affect Zhao, two more expansion advisory business, teach others to raise public capital, on pages more to make another project called Znaps successful examples attract.
■ Znaps magnetic energy lines in the online crowdfunding success over 300 million Canadian dollars (approximately HK $ 1,800 million).
■ Znaps magnetic energy lines in the online crowdfunding success over 300 million Canadian dollars (approximately HK $ 1,800 million).


Znaps main magnetic engagement phone charging cable, in July last year Kickstarter successfully attracted more than 70,000 Internet users in each country, raising to more than 3 million yuan Canadian dollars (approximately HK $ 1,800 million), scheduled for delivery in November, but later quality problems by delayed until now, has accumulated more than ten thousand now chasing a number of comments on the page.
To April this year, Znaps more with the development of magnetic energy charge line is eligible for the Government awarded the “Hong Kong ICT Awards” Bronze start-ups.
Company registration data show that the sole director and shareholder of winning Znaps Limited was actually smart coffee machines Arist founder Zhao Gongyun wife LANGUAGE AND (Gloria Lau).
Recently, this reporter to the registered address Znaps Limited’s visit, found that the company did not name brand unit, the door staff awareness Zhaogong Yun and his wife said, but stressed that has nothing to do with Znaps business premises.
Both the number of products have to go to Zhao to bring a minimum of nearly 25 million yuan of funds, earlier media reports, Zhao Gongyun recent years have moved into the bay next to the Science Park of talent 4 room luxury sea view units.

Recently, this reporter to Zhao located in the Science Park office inquiries, but he refused to respond instantly shut the door; reporter Zhao and then call for written inquiries to the company, but that it will not respond to events Zhao and hung up.
■ there have been investors crowdfunding network to Znaps chase number (below), when the reporter to Zhao Gongyun pursued, he refused to respond to questions.
■ there have been investors crowdfunding network to Znaps chase number (below), when the reporter to Zhao Gongyun pursued, he refused to respond to questions.
Issued a statement called the dealer
Events after this newspaper reported yesterday, Znaps night in the social networking site issued a statement, referring to the development of Znaps products company called Znaps Inc, located in Ontario, Canada; As Znaps Limited of Hong Kong is just one distributor (distributors), and attempt Zhao coffee machine draw the line, but also refers to not ship reports are not real, but a statement published about one hour has attracted global investors around the message, requiring the company to refund.
This scandal involves not only public, but also exposed the government’s supervision. After Znaps Limited winners have the opportunity to rent eligible for preferential use of the Hong Kong Science Park, a year, according to the Information Technology Council, Mr Mok refers to the government each year organizing the Hong Kong ICT Awards organization’s awards grants to hundreds of thousands to over a hundred million for the financial planner; the authorities will appoint officials to join the Steering Committee of the prize, have taken to develop guidelines for supervision.

Arist Hong Kong investor William finger, had earlier reported the incident to the police station, was covered by the page located in the United States, Hong Kong can not be placed on file; investors have been reported in the United States, local police called the company to raise funds in Hong Kong, also entertained . Reply Customs said in April this year received a report, after investigation no evidence found to have contravened “the Trade Descriptions Ordinance.” Police refers to October last year received five related report, behind for the sake of police assistance by the Sha Tin District Criminal Investigation Team, no one has been arrested.
Counsel refers to Lu Weixiong, even crowdfunding website located in the United States, as long as the company makes a false behavior, someone cheated in Hong Kong, for example, in Hong Kong, Guo Shu et al., Have been sufficient to constitute the crime of conspiracy to defraud, “it points Nuisance Article sin geographical restrictions.”

Znaps magnetic charging cable away several timing
July: Znaps magnetic energy lines in Canada Kickstarter to raise approximately HK $ 18 million, scheduled for November 2015 delivery
in October: 2016 Hong Kong ICT Awards Applications will be accepted
from November to December: Znaps said failed quality test, deferred delivery
in December: Zhao Gongyun wife LANGUAGE AND Hong Kong registered company Znaps Limited, to apply for the award in 2016: April: Znaps Limited eligible startups Bronze June: Znaps not yet announced the time of delivery, by investors criticism is a hoax; Zhaogong Yun refused to respond to media inquiries source: “Apple” Reference Room

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